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A Quick Guide to change and reset Account Live password


A Quick Guide to change and reset Account Live password

Account Live helps all Microsoft products and service users to manage and control everything under one roof. To start, you have to create a new account by visiting Once the registration finishes, it is the email address and the password you can use to access Account Live and look into everything related to the Microsoft.

This article guides all Account Live users about how to change and reset the password, which is essential for the Account Live log in.

Instructions for Account Live com password reset process

At any time, if you have locked yourself out of the Account Live because you have forgotten its password, then execute the below-given instructions to access your account:

  • If the two-step authentication is enabled
  1. Visit
  2. Provide your registered email address or registered phone number
  3. Click Next
  4. You will now receive an Account Live password reset code
  5. Check either your email address or the phone number for this code
  6. Now, get back to the Account Live password reset page and enter this code
  7. Provide a new password for your account (Make sure it is strong enough to be guessed by anyone else)
  8. Enter it again to confirm
  9. You have successfully changed your password. Log in now to use Account Live!
  • If the two-step authentication is disabled

The below-mentioned Account Live password reset steps are also applicable if you cannot access the email address registered with Account Live.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your registered email address
  3. Now, enter an alternate email address
  4. Type the captcha for the verification
  5. Click Submit and get the password reset code (Make sure you type the new password twice)

6.Use this code to set a new password for your account at the Account Live com password reset page

(Please note that the two-step verification or authentication is a feature that you enable to add an extra layer of security to your account. This requires adding a phone number to your account where you receive a verification code on each log in)

Steps to Account Live password reset

Before you do so, let’s check out the reasons for which you might need to change your account password:

  1. You observe some suspicious activities on your account like deletion of the emails by someone other than you
  2. You haven’t changed your Account Live password for long
  3. You think your password is not strong enough
  4. You have shared the password with someone

How to change Account Live password?

  1. Go to the
  2. Enter your login credentials (email address and the password)
  3. Go to your Profile Settings
  4. Click Change password
  5. Enter a new password
  6. Type it again to confirm
  7. Save the changes

For further information or to get the troubleshooting steps for an error occurred while changing or recovering your password, contact the Microsoft customer support team now.